Option Bulk Complete / Delete more than 50 Tasks & Subtasks at a time

Like many companies, we have employees who aren’t always aware of best practices while using asana. Simple mistakes such as having unassigned subtasks on a recurring parent task have resulted in THOUSANDS of tasks and subtasks that are missing either an assignee or a due date (or both).

This has resulted in our projects having “clutter tasks”. At the moment, I am only able to bulk edit up to 50 tasks at a time. When you need to close out thousands of tasks, this become an impossible feat.

It would be helpful if asana was able to facilitate a clean up of this. For example:

*Allowing an admin user to bulk edit more than 50 tasks at a time.
*Asana auto deletes incomplete & unassigned tasks that have not been modified in the last 1.5 years.

This feature would allow us to clean up our asana and make it much more efficient.


Completely. It is absolute amateur hour to not allow bulk task updates. Even just getting things set up – I imported a CSV from another system. One of the column headers was wrong. I wanted to manually delete all the tasks to make sure they’re not cluttering up anything as I’ll have to re-import and don’t want dupes.

Honestly it’s like Asana is designed only for companies that have to hire people whose job is to sit around doing one-at-a-time rote manual actions. I’ve got better things to do with my time than 10 click-selects.

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