Option Bulk Complete / Delete more than 50 Tasks & Subtasks at a time

Like many companies, we have employees who aren’t always aware of best practices while using asana. Simple mistakes such as having unassigned subtasks on a recurring parent task have resulted in THOUSANDS of tasks and subtasks that are missing either an assignee or a due date (or both).

This has resulted in our projects having “clutter tasks”. At the moment, I am only able to bulk edit up to 50 tasks at a time. When you need to close out thousands of tasks, this become an impossible feat.

It would be helpful if asana was able to facilitate a clean up of this. For example:

*Allowing an admin user to bulk edit more than 50 tasks at a time.
*Asana auto deletes incomplete & unassigned tasks that have not been modified in the last 1.5 years.

This feature would allow us to clean up our asana and make it much more efficient.

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