Delete Bulk - Work Around

After spending far too much time, manually deleting some project lines that were mistakenly imported, I think I may have a temporary solution for the lack of “bulk delete” option.

  1. Create private project titled “Delete me”
  2. Assign tasks that I want to delete to this project
  3. Delete the entire project

*Caveat: This only works for unassigned tasks. So you will need to make that change first. This wasn’t really an issue in my case since I was dealing with newly imported tasks.

Curios to hear thoughts and feedback about this or how anyone else tackled this problem.

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HI @Alice_Rainey and thank you so much for sharing this great workaround with the Community Forum!

Just wanted to confirm that it is still possible to delete multi-selected tasks. Please have a look at the screenshot attached.

You can learn more in the following Guide article: How to multi-select tasks | Product guide • Asana

I hope this helps! Have a great day!


Thanks Natalia! I guess my post wasn’t entirely clear :open_mouth: This is my workaround for Permanently deleting multiple tasks. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve clarified the title.

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@Alice_Rainey, I’m afraid your workaround doesn’t permanently delete the tasks, it just deletes them. I tested and those were the results I got. Maybe you should double check using Advanced Search > Add Filter > More > Deleted > then click the Deleted box now added to the form (I have no idea why Asana still doesn’t set that one by default after you pick “Deleted” from the more Menu).

Unless I’m mistaken, you should update the title of this thread.




Thanks to the comments below I now realize that this won’t permanently delete the items ( they’re still visible if you use Advanced Filters to see deleted items.) Thanks for the input. I’ll keeping looking for away to tackle this until Asana does.

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Thanks for the input. I hadn’t realized that the “Deleted items” list viewed from the favorites menu would return different results :thinking : I’ll keeping looking for a way to tackle this until Asana does. I’ve updated the post title and added a response.