Bulk permanently delete tasks

Currently is not possible to select multiple deleted tasks and then permanently delete them at once. Are there any plans to add this feature?

Empy “deleted items” or something should really be an option.


Asana Team - I just spent 20 minutes permanently deleting over 300 items from the “Deleted Items” view. I did this because some of the deleted tasks were showing up in the autocomplete fields when I was making task dependences (a huge frustration) and causing issue with the dependency logic.

Please make a bulk permanently delete option!


How is this not addressed at this point? It’s possible to accrue hundreds of deleted items without realizing they’re just sitting there in the Deleted Items “folder” clogging up the system. There has to be a way to either filter and select a large number of items to permanently delete (not the 50 items limit you have for other actions) or just a button/link to empty the folder. I’m trying to figure out why a user I deleted is still showing up and I suspect it’s because they’re on one of these deleted tasks I have to manually delete…ugh.

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I have created several Projects in order to test out the various features of the software. However, after deleting these Projects, I realized every single task, subtask, and conversation from those boards are still in the Deleted Items folder. I have over 260 items in this folder and the only way to permanently remove them is to select each task, click permanently delete, and confirm. Please let us permanently delete multiple tasks at once so I don’t need to spend an hour manually removing these tasks each time I test out a new Project board.


Hi @Nik_Sassen and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us! I agree with that permanently delete multiple tasks at once would be a real timesaver feature!

We already have a thread requesting this feature so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback and votes. I hope it’s OK! And while I don’t have any info to share at the moment, I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I do!

Have a great Friday!

Adding another voice to the clamor of people asking for bulk delete … or at least an option whereby deleted items older than (say) 30 days are automatically purged. Thanks.

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Adding my vote here as well. Was shocked to see that selecting multiple deleted tasks didn’t give the option for bulk “permanently delete”.

It’s crazy how many blank tasks are created by mistake as well that the team immediately deletes and then we are left with hundreds of blank tasks that we have to permanently delete one at a time.

Recently accidentally duplicated a project (thinking it would keep the structure w/o creating all included tasks) and I was way wrong. Not only was there no way to delete it, but I wasn’t able to totally purge the system of the duplicate tasks created. Went through one-by-one deleting them but I really need to permanently delete hundreds of tasks and I just don’t have it in me to do it one at a time.


When will this basic feature available? It’s like having an operating system where you can delete only one file at a time. In other words: This should be a basic function in your software.

Hi all,
A newbie here, but this is another vote for a bulk delete option. Is it possible to have an update as to whether this option has been enabled yet?


Wow just realized this wasn’t an option available - it’s such a vital ability to be missing! I have to manually delete all of my tasks since they show up in time tracking with Everhour - a massive pain since they have to be deleted to allow everhour to function right now (since they can’t make updates to their system after Asana updated and broke their link!)

wow - same here. just did a search of the forum to see this missing. terrible

Just chiming in to say that it’s disappointing that this hasn’t been addressed yet. The OP was submitted almost 2 years ago.

Posted my work around to this problem here:

This worked for me. Thanks! As you noted, does not work for some tasks (assigned, subtasks of subtasks, etc.) But for a variety of bulk options, it works great. NOTE: Deleted items are automatically purged after 30 days.

I still have a strong vote in for Bulk Delete.

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This may not be the solution people need, but I just figured it out. I apologize if it’s known!

I deleted a project, but the tasks all still showed up in my Task To Do list. I needed them gone because I needed to reupload a new project with identical tasks but new dates.

So, using I selected 50 tasks at a time, then hit the keys. poof. They’re all in my deleted items tab. I believe they disappear after 30 days. :slight_smile:

ok, it deleted my keys - sorry, I’m new. I selected using the SHIFT key, then I deleted using the TAB and DELETE keys. hopefully this comes through. I’m so sorry I’ve now posted THREE times!

Yes please bring this in!

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Yes!! Please allow us to select multiple tasks and have the option to do a bulk delete.

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Yes please. This would help project cleanup and maintenance for long-term projects.

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