Accidentally Generated Hundreds of Tasks... How to Delete?

I unintentionally generated 1,833 tasks in a project (let’s just say something in Google Calendar didn’t do what I thought it was doing). I’ve been going through and deleting 50 at a time, but there has got to be a better way.

I’d be perfectly content deleting the entire project, but they are marked as incomplete and with me as the owner, so deleting the project just puts 1,833 tasks in limbo.

Any crazy hacks to save me from carpal tunnel?

Hey @Jillian_Bejtlich,
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Ai ai yeah currently there is no feature to allow you to permanently delete more than 50 tasks.

I think this seems like a good workaround:

(Here is another one that might work for you)

Will that work for your case?

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You can delete the entire project and that will delete unassigned tasks…

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Yeah exactly, though Jillian mentioned all are assigned to her so this seems to be the main problem as far as I understood
And then to unassign also either in batches of 50 or potentially with a rule no


Thanks, Andrea.

In this situation, it’s a bit of a perfect storm. The tasks are assigned and they’ll never get completed since they’re super redundant. I think I’ll just spend the next few years bulk deleting these tasks as I see them each month (it’s literally two meetings a month that went a bit nuts) and hope that Asana comes out with a better solution someday. Not perfect, but it is what it is!

Thanks for the help.

Hey @Jillian_Bejtlich
oh I see :frowning: yeah if filter and other solutions won‘t work in your case I guess you have to go the manual route this time.

And yes hoping Asana will come up with a better solution soon

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