Permanently delete completed tasks

Is there a way to permanently delete tasks in mass?

To clarify, when you delete an individual task you have the option to then delete permanently.

When you select multiple tasks and click delete, that option does not appear.

We want to duplicate a project to create a new project template however we get the message:
Duplicating a project will create new versions of all tasks, including those that are marked completed and archived in this project.

This is what we’re hoping to avoid. By permanently deleting, are completed tasks NOT inherited into the duplicated project?

Hi @Crystal_Alifanow,

There’s both “deleting” and “permanently deleting.” In either case, the task will not be inherited into the duplicated project. So you needn’t permanently delete those tasks just for the purpose of ensuring they’re not part of a duplicate project operation; just deleting is enough.

Hope that makes sense!



Hi @Crystal_Alifanow :wave:t5:

Adding to what @lpb has explained, there is an existing thread in the Forum regarding this topic: Bulk permanently delete. In case you haven’t yet, I would recommend you to upvote it!

Have a great week @Crystal_Alifanow and @lpb :slight_smile:

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