Can't delete duplicate tasks without deleting both tasks

I have a project with several tasks and at some point duplicate tasks were created for some of those tasks. I’m not sure how or when, but if I try and delete those duplicates it will delete the originals also. If I complete the task, it will complete the originals. How do I get rid of those duplicates without touching the originals. Apparently everything I do is updated in the original task also…comments, dates etc.

Have you tried Merge Duplicate Tasks (SHIFT + TAB + D)?

Hi @Michael_D_Perkins, thanks for reaching out!

It seems your task is multi-homed in several projects and for this reason when you make changes in the task, this is also updated in all your other projects. You can remove the task from other projects following these steps:

  • Hover over the project name in the task
  • Click the X icon

Please note this won’t delete the task but remove it from one of the project it’s homed.

I hope this helps!

That worked though I’m not sure how it got that way because it wasn’t setup that way. In addition, beyond the surface meaning of being merged, I don’t know what that means in asana and I don’t understand why I would have to merge. Right now Asana shows the task with a merge symbol and the font color is faded. So while I got things to where I want them to be, how’s and why’s are still unanswered.

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I tried Stephanie’s option and it worked. I will try this next time this happens. I’m not sure how these duplicate tasks were created and I’m not sure how they would be included with in multiple projects.