Task with no project

We proceeded on this way:

  • create a project,
  • create tasks,
  • asign tasks,
  • duplicate project,
  • delete project.

The problem is that all the tasks on the duplicated project kept live so they weren’t errased. All the people ara seeing tasks that we don’t won’t them to exist. where i can find - filter those task in order to definetly erase them?.

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Why do you delete the project and not archive it? That seems very radical :slight_smile:

According to Project actions: move, duplicate, delete, and more | Product guide • Asana “Assigned tasks and tasks associated to other projects will not get deleted.” that explains why people keep seeing tasks. If you really want to delete the tasks, you need to multiselect them, delete them and then delete the project.


thanks Bastien. Very clear your answer. we are learning how to use Asana. In the near future we are going to archive, or previous, delete all the tasks.
just to know, is there any way to find those task? because the people that has been delegated the task can see it but i can.
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I don’t think you can find them. They are just tasks assigned without a project, but there is no way to know they had a project before… @Marie do you confirm?

Hi @dcervi and @Bastien_Siebman :wave:t3:

Our Advanced Search actually includes a “No Project” filter; have a look at the screenshot below for more info :slight_smile:

This is returning tasks that don’t have a “project” in the project column; but if you click on the task, there IS a project related to it, click the project name and it takes you to the project.

How can I do this advanced search but in the Spanish version? I do not have the NO PROJECT option in the advanced search.

Many thanks

I just tried in the French version and this is also “No Project”. Can you share a screenshot of your advanced search with you having typed “no p” inside the project field?