Deleted projects' tasks appearing in reports and searches

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While learning how to set up asana, I created quite a few “test” projects, but deleted (not archived) them once I was ready to upload live projects. However, the test projects’ tasks still appear mixed in with live projects within reports and searches! I’m not sure how to solve this as the test projects don’t exist anywhere.


You maybe were not aware that when you delete a project, its assigned tasks and tasks associated to other projects will not get deleted (all other tasks will).

So perhaps you can do advanced searches based on last modified date or creation date, and very carefully delete just those tasks that either are assigned and look like they were in a deleted project, or are in some project now and seem like they were in a deleted project.

I can’t think of a better way than that. Unless you write to and ask them if they can restore those deleted projects, then you’ll see all the tasks that are there and can delete them in situ, then delete the project. Be sure to show All tasks, not just incomplete ones if you do this.

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Thanks Ipb. This does, however, seem like a design flaw. The point of deleting a project is to delete what makes up the project i.e., its tasks. Unassigning 100+ line items kind of defeats the functionality of a single “delete” button.

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You can add a #product-feedback request to handle this differently.

Note that Asana does warn and one must confirm before deletion:


This is a hard design problem because such confirmations are often ignored. Asana has top-notch designers (I feel I can weigh in on that because I used to be an interaction designer for most of my career) and I bet they chose the most common, safe default they could.



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