Subtask duplicated as parent task that cannot be unmerged.

I’ve been noticing in some of my projects, there will be a duplicate of a random subtask as a parent task. It won’t let me delete only one of the tasks as they seem merged together. Looking for a solution to unmerge them so I can delete the duplicated parent task and not the original subtask. Also why/how does this happen?


It sounds like you have added a subtask to a project. If you go to the details of the subtask, in the field “Project”, and subtask says the name of the project this will confirm that. Click the “x” next to the project name and this will remove the task from the project’s task list.


Hey Christine,

Thanks so much for your response! I’ve attached an image of what’s happening. The highlighted subtask is the original task that I would like to keep and the highlighted parent task is the duplicated version that was created in error. I now cannot delete the parent task without deleting the subtask. If I select either one, they are both highlighted and any changes are made to both.

Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 2.15.56 PM

@Aleisha_Maifert that’s because it is not a duplicate, it is the same task :slight_smile: if you follow Christine suggestion, you will remove the link between the subtask and the project, making it solely a subtask again :slight_smile:

Just to be clear on what’s happening: it’s not an error, that’s just how the Asana folks have decided that the product will behave. That is: by default, subtasks are not attached to any project; if you do attach a subtask to the project where it lives, Asana then displays that task twice - once as the subtask and a second time as a top-level task in that project. As the others have said here, the only way to avoid this task-showing-twice behavior is not to attach it to the project.