Assigning task to multiple projects - glitch?


We are compiling tasks/subtasks from various projects into a milestone summary project by assigning specific tasks/subtasks to both the original project and to this new “Milestone” project. I can add the task to both projects, but when I try to reorganize the task in one project, it will disappear from the other project. Is this a glitch? Is it because the task levels are different (subtask level in Milestones, and sometimes sub-subtask in the original project)?


As you’re thinking, I’ll bet it does most likely have to do with subtasks and their relationship or lack thereof with the projects of their parent tasks.

If you can post a specific example of the issue you’re encountering (including screenshots would be even better), it’ll be easier for us to respond in more detail.


Sorry I can’t post screenshots. But I do amend my previous statement – they are at the same task level.

To re-describe: Assign a subtask in Project A to Project B. It is now a subtask in Project A, and a task in Project B. Move it to be a subtask in Project B, it disappears from Project A.


Ah yes, OK. Here’s what’s happening:

At this point the subtask is not really “in” Project A; it’s only displaying there because its parent (let’s call that “Project A Task”) is in Project A.

So far so good!

In the Asana data model, a task can only have one parent task. What you are doing in this step is changing the subtask’s parent from “Project A Task” to the new task in Project B. Since the subtask is (a) not actually assigned to Project A and (b) no longer has a Project A-contained task as its parent, it no longer shows in Project A.

The bottom line is that you’re going to have to decide which task is more important for the subtask to have as its parent, since there can only be one.

Clear as mud? :slight_smile: