A lot of duplicate tasks - teammate duplicated board instead of task


This has happened a few times, but our teammate duplicated one of our boards which has created hundreds of tasks that are unassigned to a board. This makes our search engine cluttered and difficult to find a lot of our past tasks.

Is there an easy way to clean Asana and remove these duplicate tasks? Even if I delete the duplicate board, the tasks remain.


You could search for any task created by that team member in a certain date range, bulk select, and then delete.

Hi @Ethan_Sacre, here are some useful links too:

@Ethan_Sacre - the fastest way to do this would be to restore the project you deleted (which would re-attach all those tasks to that project). Then, bulk-select the tasks in that project and delete them. If you deleted the project LESS than 7 days ago, you can still restore it via the restore link in the email you received when you deleted the project. If it was MORE than 7 days ago, Asana Support can restore the project for you. (support@asana.com)

For the future, it’s helpful to know how Asana handles the process of deleting a project. Here’s the screenshot from the pop-up that Asana provides when you click to delete a project:

The most important thing to notice is that only UNASSIGNED tasks will be deleted. Any task that is already ASSIGNED needs to be deleted separately from the project, and preferably BEFORE deleting the project.

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Thanks so much! This was definitely the answer I was looking for, I appreciate it. I’ll contact support@asana.com to get the board back up and delete all the duplicate tasks.

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