Permanently delete completed tasks

Is there a way to permanently delete tasks in mass?

To clarify, when you delete an individual task you have the option to then delete permanently.

When you select multiple tasks and click delete, that option does not appear.

We want to duplicate a project to create a new project template however we get the message:
Duplicating a project will create new versions of all tasks, including those that are marked completed and archived in this project.

This is what we’re hoping to avoid. By permanently deleting, are completed tasks NOT inherited into the duplicated project?

Hi @Crystal_Alifanow,

There’s both “deleting” and “permanently deleting.” In either case, the task will not be inherited into the duplicated project. So you needn’t permanently delete those tasks just for the purpose of ensuring they’re not part of a duplicate project operation; just deleting is enough.

Hope that makes sense!



Hi @Crystal_Alifanow :wave:t5:

Adding to what @lpb has explained, there is an existing thread in the Forum regarding this topic: Bulk permanently delete tasks - #13 by Darren_George. In case you haven’t yet, I would recommend you to upvote it!

Have a great week @Crystal_Alifanow and @lpb :slight_smile:

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Actually I just duplicated 2 projects, ensured “Tasks” was not checked. Yet all completed and uncompleted tasks are being brought over to the duplicate. So either the mass deletion is still needed. Or, it needs to not duplicate tasks.

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See my questions below regarding the “All Tasks” checkbox; that’s what you meant by “Tasks” being checked, right?

But I think you may be confusing things re “mass deletion is still needed.” Deleted tasks are not found in the duplicated project regardless of the checkbox setting. (To be clear, the following are all different states for tasks: incomplete, completed, deleted, permanently deleted.)

@Emily_Roman, What does the first checkbox, All Tasks," at the top of the Duplicate Project dialog do? I tried it checked and unchecked and the results seem the same to me with respect to tasks in the duplicated project. Also, that checkbox is not documented at Project actions: move, duplicate, delete, and more | Product guide • Asana



Thanks for flagging this, @lpb! I was also able to reproduce the issue. I’ve escalated this to our product team so we can investigate further. I’ll keep you posted!


Hi @lpb, quick update here in regards to your report! Our team has removed the All tasks option when duplicating tasks while we work on a solution to the issue in order to avoid any confusion. We don’t have an estimated ETA this feature will be implemented again but I’ll keep you updated once I have any news,