My Task list is cluttered with old completed SUBTASKS. How can I mass delete subtasks from completed tasks.


I joined my organization part way through the process of implementing Asana. One of the issues I’ve I am hoping to solve is decluttering old subtasks that should no longer appear in my staff’s My Task page. We changed procedures and no longer assign subtasks to specific team members, but I need a way to remove the long history of assigned subtasks.

Any help is appreciated.

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Whatever native system we find, you’ll only be able to do it 50 tasks at a time and after a while your browser will become very slow so you’ll need cool off periods.

Would that be sufficient, or do you want to explore a custom code solution to do in bulk automatically?

I created a tool to complete subtasks on completed tasks but it excluded assigned subtasks. I could change the tool so that you can disable this part?

Yes, I would appreciate it if you made that change to your tool, that would almost definitely solve the problem. Thank you for your diligence!

I got my team on it, should be available in a couple of days or weeks!

Any updates on this yet? I would love to use it also!

Not yet sorry