Ability to drag and drop tasks in the new sidebar

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

For anyone struggling with the loss of dragging tasks into projects in the sidebar, below is the ‘intended’ way that I believe Asana would like us to add or move tasks from one project to another.

If you use the below method, I believe you will find it much better because:

  • You have better control over which project the tasks are moved to - reduced risk of error
  • You have the option of ‘adding’ or ‘moving’ the tasks from one project to another
  • You have the option of choosing which Section of the destination project your tasks will go into.
  • You can add/remove tasks to/from multiple projects in one go.

  1. Click & drag to multi select your tasks. Or use click, then hold shift, click on the last task.
    Or use Ctrl/Cmd key to select/deselect individual tasks.

  2. In the black action bar along the bottom of the screen, select the ‘Project’ icon.

  3. Click ‘+ Add to projects’ and search for your destination project (Project B), or type it’s name to search for it.

  4. Select the destination project’s Section, into which you want your tasks to be added to.
    If instead you want to ‘move’ the tasks to the destination project, go to step 5.

  5. Click on the X of the source project (Project A) to remove the tasks from it - so you have essentially moved the tasks from Project A to B.

Yes, I hear you say this takes more clicks and more steps BUT for the reasons mentioned above, it is much ‘safer’, providing more control and reducing the risk for error.

Let’s try and work with what we’ve got :heart: