Sprint Board for multiple projects

Hi guys

Is there a way for a sprint board to be set up in which all the other projects can feed into - ie all tasks display in this?

We are looking for a central area for stand ups in the morning that can display everything in the current sprint.


Hi @Daniel_Crockford, welcome to the forum!

Just to make sure I understood your question, would you like to have a project where you can see tasks from other projects so you can monitor status of those projects in one place?

If this is the case, you can create a new project and multi-home tasks from other projects you wish to see in one place. You can also create a Portfolio if you have a Business Plan.

You can also find more information about Sprint planning in Asana in this article.

Let me know if you have more questions!

Thanks Emily, yeah that is correct, it sounds like the multihome may be the solution. Is there a way to bulk edit these tasks or do they have to be done individually?

Additionally, is there a way to bulk upload tasks into Asana into these multi-projects?

Hi @Daniel_Crockford and sorry for the late follow-up here!

You can use our multi-select feature to bulk add your tasks to different projects:

And if you wish to import tasks to a project, you can use our CSV importer.

I hope this helps!