Add tasks to multiple projects by default

It would be great to allow a method to add new tasks to other (than the current) project by default.

This feature would allow simultaneous use of Board + list view for example (by having tasks exist in a project with each view)

Without this default setting, one would have to remember to add tasks to both projects, which would be unreliable, and prohibit this structure.

Did you solve this by any chance? I need the same feature too to ensure all new tasks in our individual projects are copied into our sprint backlog without having to rely on the project owner to add sprint backlog manually each time. (By experience I know they forget and the task is then not factored in during planning nor visible on our sprint board).

Yup, same challenge here - would love if anyone has great solutions for this… It’s basically super-tedious and leads to ppl forgetting to add to the Resourcing project, so when we’re looking at resource overviews, the dataset is incomplete…

Would be great if an Asana person could chime in on this…

Would love this feature - any chance of getting this prioritized?

@Ventrice_Lam, Asana is working on a workflow rules feature (details tbd at some point), but in the meantime, I think this could help you (cc/@Phil_Seeman):