Option to have tasks automatically copy to other Teams/Projects

As a developer I am a part of multiple Workspaces, and multiple teams and projects within each workspace.

In my own Workspace, I have several Teams setup - one for each Agency that I work with, and one for my internal team of developers.

I would like to have the option to have a Task that is created in one of my Agency Team Projects automatically get copied/tagged into a Task lisk for my Internal Team’s project.


Internal Team

  • Project A

Agency Team 1

  • Project B

Agency Team 2

  • Project C

When a team member from Agency Team 1 or 2 creates a task in Project B or C, the Task will automatically become added to Project A on the Internal Team so that it appears in both places. A master task list of sorts.

Hi @Philip_Smith and welcome to the forum!

This isn’t currently possible to do in Asana. You (and others) should upvote this item to register your interest in it.

FYI this is easy to accomplish using my Flowsana integration, using an If-Then rule. In your example, you would add a rule like the following to Project B and Project C: