Options for placing project in different teams when converting a task to project while using rules.

I found this fantastic way to convert a task to a project and use a template. This is extremely helpful. When using this featureI get asked to specify the team for the new project:

I can also set up a rule for this, automatically. But when using the rule, the new project is NOT created in the same team as the template and, I cannot specify the team.
First prize would be to be able to specify the team for the new project, but second prize would be to create the project in the same team as the template.


Hey @Paul_Grobler,

This may only warrant an Honorable Mention, but if you can find an appropriate rule trigger, maybe you can use this Flowsana rule action?


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Thanks @Phil_Seeman This would be extremely helpful. I Just wished I could get the client’s Security team to approve Flowsana. It will solve MANY problems