"Team Templates" or a way to deploy a group of templates with

Ive just spent a good amount of time building out a group of projects within a team that all work together as a backend/frontend structure. Certain projects house the full set of tasks for a project, and they feed a more simplistic client facing “task manager” as due dates become available for collaboration.

These are for construction projects, so they can (and need) to be duplicated for each project that gets undertaken.

I want to be able to essentially duplicate at the “team” level so that the rule relationships stay intact.

Not only that, but also just to cut down on the manual task of creating new projects from templates a bunch of times every time we start a new project. Which will aloow just about anyone to create a new project and not just me or someone else that has to learn how to set the project up.

I know bundles were just released (for Enterprise only… :triumph:). And the spirit behind those seems to be in this vein, but appears to be limited to managing customization packages across a single project… not for deploying multi-project bundles…

Anyone know if this is a feature in the works, or if Flowsana can achieve this?

Bundles don’t cover that use case, Flowsana either. Project templates are single project. For now there is no way to have multiple project templates…

Thanks @Bastien_Siebman.

I cant imagine Im alone in needing to spin up “templated teams?” Have you come across the need for this use case in your travels?

Seems to me that it would be a natural feature, given the ability to multi-hone tasks across multiple projects and the ability to create Asana native rules that add/remove tasks from other projects.

More curious if its something that might be useful for a larger set of users.

I actually think the feature is available for some specific use cases and clients from specific verticals, so maybe this will be available to us all soon!