Add multiple templates to one project?



Is there a way to assign multiple templates to one project?

Let’s say w have 6 templates for 6 marketing implementation processes.

  • Competition Analysis.
  • SEO.
  • Adwords.
  • Facebook.
  • Web Design.
  • CRO.

Different clients will chose different services.

What is the best approach to doing that? Can we assign say web design template and CRO template to a project?

Thinking about a Lego type of option where I can drag and drop multiple templates into a project as desired.

  • Creating a master template would be over the top. This is a super simplified example that could be way more complex (aka each of these “templates/services” has multiple sub templates).



Hi @JesusM, to confirm, are you setting up these templates as projects, or tasks?


Hey @paulminors, projects.

I just looked at someone walking through teamwork and that’s something they have…

Can figure if it’s possible with Asana.


Okay. If it were me, I would create a master template with all options in it. Then, when you go to use the template, simply bulk delete the sections you don’t need:

  1. Select task.
  2. Hold shift and click the bottom task within the section you’d like to remove.
  3. Tab + delete (backspace)


I mentioned in my original post that’s not a good solution… thanks for trying though!


Hi @JesusM, it seems you might want to use Task Templates instead of Project Templates. I wrote an article about them you might want to check out:


Hey @Todd_Cavanaugh that means if I have 20 processes I need to create 20 task templates and let’s say a new client comes, I’d need to create 20 copies and then add it to the project?

Do you know if there’s a “multiple copy” option in asana where I can just copy 15 of these templates and add them to a project at once?



Yes, you would create a Template Task for each of your multi-step processes. There isn’t a “multiple copy” option, although that would be a good feature for Asana to add. A 1-minute workaround would be:

  1. Set up a blank temporary project
  2. Multi-select whichever task templates you want to duplicate
  3. Use “Tab + P” to add these tasks to the temporary project
  4. Copy the temporary project (make sure “Projects” is not selected)

For more info, you can check out the Asana Training Masterclass, an online course I developed for teams. Hope that helps!



If there are any updates that enable this please can someone add it to this thread as I’d also like to be able to do exactly the same. It would be so good to be able to add multiple templates to a project