How do I use templates to create two separate projects sharing some tasks?

For each new employee we onboard, we want to have two separate projects, one visible to the new employee and hiring manager/admin/HR staff, and another project visible to hiring manager/admin/HR staff only (no new employee access). The employee/hiring manager/admin/HR staff, we want to have tasks that are basically completed by employee and their hiring manager. We want those tasks and completion status visible to everyone (simply enough done by having those tasks span across multiple projects), but then we want to have a more HR/admin heavy parallel project that’s tracked by the HR/admin team from the beginning of the hiring process, with extra tasks that are not privy to the hiring manager/employee.

Now how do I create it all with templates, and not manually assigning second project to tasks which breaks formatting and sectioning, etc.

I can accomplish what I want manually but it’s a tedious process. I want to template it. Thoughts? Maybe I can do it in a different way?

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Hi @Luke.M,

Welcome to the Asana Community! This is a great question. Have you looked into multi-homing tasks into projects? This is a powerful tool in Asana that allows you to have tasks in multiple projects at once that can be edited, completed, assigned, etc in once project and automatically be changed in the other. I have provided a link below on how to multi-home.

I would also suggest creating a project template that is exclusively for New Employee Onboarding. Add rules to assign tasks, move to different sections when triggered, etc to make the process easier for yourselves in the future.

Hi Mike,

I’m already multi-homing tasks, by manually assigning to multiple projects as described in the video you kindly shared. Let me rephrase my question using better terminology (that I just learned :P):

How do I create templates with multi-homed tasks, so that when I simultaneously create multiple projects from those templates, there are tasks that are spanning those multiple new projects.


Hi @Luke.M, thanks for reaching out! In this case, you can create a custom template. You can either convert an existing project that include multi-homed tasks to a template or you can create a new template from scratch. Learn more here: Using New Project Templates | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

In both cases, when you create a new project from the template, all multi-homed tasks will be added to the projects automatically.

I hope this helps!

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Unfortunately multi-homed tasks stay assigned to the projects they were assigned to, after converting the project to a template. This does not give me what I want.

I think the end result is to manually modify tasks for what I need as I’ve been doing it so far. I was hoping Asana can do this via templates, but it cannot handle more complex templates it seems.

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