Duplicating project template and sharing with clients with Blockspring Scripts

I want to use templates and share them with clients but also use them as project trackers for internal staff. Initially, I have created 2 templates (Internal - for our team and External-clients). The External template would consist of tasks that are relevant for clients while others are solely for our internal staff.

The goals:

  • Clients can utilize the timeline and conversation functions to track the project so I’d want to avoid having to assign clients the tasks or add them as collaborators since that would mean they would not get to see the project timeline

  • For tasks that are relevant to clients, our staff can update the status and have it reflected on the clients end as well (basically multi-homing 2 projects)

  • When duplicating the templates, all tasks would fall under the appropriate sections

The problem:

  • When I duplicate a template, the tasks with multi-homing did not get duplicated hence I would need to manually multi-home each task

I have yet to come up with a solution for this and it almost seems like I’d need to write a script for this to work. I came across Blockspring Scripts for Asana and would like to try that route. I’d love to get some pointers on how to get started as I am not very fluent in Python. @paulk any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!

Good day @Ann_Lopez,
I’m surprised by your comment above, because I tested it again, and when creating a project from a template, all of the multi-homing tasks are automatically added to the new projet, but also to all of the other projects.
I would like to know more about how you create your new project using the template, as, as mentioned, what you describe here, is exactly how Asana reacts.

You can find additional information in the following articles:

Best regards

Hey @Sebastien_Levesque,

It’s not that she can’t get multi-homing t work at all; it’s that the project she’s wanting to multi-home is itself a template. She initially posted about this in another thread and she and I had a little discussion there, but it’s mixed in with another discussion in that thread (good that you started another distinct thread here, Anna!):

@Sebastien_Levesque it’s just as @Phil_Seeman mentioned below, the multi-homing tasks that I’m trying to duplicate is part of a project template. Thanks for taking a look for me though!

Thanks for clarifying @Phil_Seeman! I’ve started to look into using Asana API by reading up on Asana but am already stuck on accessing the API from the terminal step :roll_eyes:

I look forward to hearing back from you with some good news!