Recurring task templates to use across teams & projects

We are a marketing agency and we have certain tasks that need to be done every start/end of a week and also a few that need to be done at the start of every month. We have our Asana instance set up so that each Team is a client and then under each team there are a few projects depending on the scope and if it’s external/internal.

I’ve manually created these 3 recurring tasks in the internal project for every single client team because I saw that we couldn’t use templates across teams (may have been a similar but different error). I now would like to update the recurring tasks to include a few subtasks and change the descriptions a little but obviously this ins’t the most efficient and scalable solution to go back into every single recurring tasks in each team individually.

Is there a way to have a master template that we can 1) use across all teams and projects under those teams and 2) only update that master template and all of the tasks that were created from the template would also get updated? If not, is there a workaround that someone has found?



I think that using a task template would work, it would require you deactivate the recurrence on the current task and update this on the new task.

You would still have to have the task template created in each project, but if you use a combination of duplicating tasks, moving the tasks to a new project, and then converting a task to a template you should be able to save some time in creating the task for each project.


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Got it, maybe one of the issues before was I was trying to duplicate a template over to another project which isn’t possible I think.

If we need to make changes to the template, we’d have to redo the process every time correct? If we just house the original task in some master project, duplicate to each client project and turn them into templates in those projects, and then we need to make edits, we’d have to delete the templates in each client and then redo the steps. There’s no way to reference one master task and changes would get reflected downstream?

No – duplicating a template to another project is not possible at this time. Global templating tasks is also not possible at this time, so yes, you would have to update each project individually once you have the task that you would like to copy to each project, and then create the template from the task.

Got it, thanks so much for your help. Global templating would be huge!

Welcome, @Isaiah_Ogasawara,

In addition to @Christine_Bolton’s suggestions, please also consider the following approach (click the linked post inside the one below). Until/if Asana offers this feature, I think it’s the best way to achieve what you’re asking for (requires Asana Business or Enterprise):



That’s really interesting. I’ll give it a shot and see if that solves my issue. Thanks!

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