Can you set a project to repeat?

We have projects that recure regularly and currently, the tasks are on repeat, but is it possible to set the whole project to reoccur?

It’s currently not possible to set an entire project to repeat. It has to be done at the task level as it sounds like you’re already doing.


Thanks so much :slight_smile:

@Phil_Seeman and @Jacomien_Bezuidenhou - I have a client who wants to know if they can have a recurring project template for projects that do repeat on a regular basis. So, if the tasks are set to repeat, do they repeat on a chronological basis (e.g. time-based, every X days, etc.) or do they repeat on a completion basis (e.g. the task list repeats once the initial list of 10 things is marked complete)?

My client needs it to be the latter. Meaning, they want/need the project template or task list to reset once it has been completed by one client so they can replicate it for the next one or for the same client the next time around.

I hope this makes sense, and appreciate any assistance you can provide here!

Hi @David_N_Smith,

From your description, it sounds like you don’t need repeating tasks but rather Asana’s template capability should do the trick for them. Here’s info on creating and using templates;

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Thank you @Phil_Seeman, this article does help address most of what my client needs. However, the piece that seems to be missing, and the core of my question, has to do with the automated/triggering of a template to repeat/respawn once the project has been completed. If this has to be done manually, so be it, but my client wanted to have this automated/repeated for them/triggered by an action if possible - as opposed to having to manually “create new project from a template”.

Hi @David_N_Smith,

Ah, I see.

There is no way to automatically create a new project from a template in native Asana.

It can be done using my Flowsana integration, as Flowsana has an “auto-create a new project from a template” rule action, described here.

The only catch is that you’d need to have a rule condition to fire in order to trigger this auto-create action. Do they (or could they) have a summary project where each task is a project they’re working on? If so, then you could have a rule attached that that summary project of “When a new task is created, auto-create a project”. Does that make sense? I’m happy to have further discussion about how you might take advantage of the Flowsana “auto-create project” rule, but for that, it’s best to shoot an email to “”.

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Perfect, thank you so much! I’ll discuss this option with them and get back with you.

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Greetings, is flowsana still the only path to auto creating projects? Just want to confirm before implementation. We have a project for an email tht goes out every week and I’d like to have a X number of these projects created and find a way that when one is complete or sent, it creates another for Y time in the future — so there is always a rolling project for them — I guess the other option is to just make them all in mass now as projects for the quarter or year, but wanted to understand my workflow // automation options.

Thank you!