Recurring project

I have a recurring project (weekly basis) I would like to create in Asana where the tasks are basically the same but the collaborators and dependencies might change from week to week.
Is it better to create one single project per week or is there any way to create a recurring project only adjusting the tasks, dependencies for each week?

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Claudio Chalom

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In templates you can use roles, but this may not be what you are looking for. Would multiple templates be a solution?

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Perhaps a project template, as @Herve_Buisset suggested. And you could include set up steps to remember to update assignees and dependencies.

But depending on your workflow details, other solutions might be even better. Do you really need a project every week? Maybe a task template and a task with subtasks could have advantages. Also, instead of templates, rules could be used. It depends!



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Are the tasks the “same” depending on the version of the project?

I would lean in to Larry’s suggestion of a task template with subtasks, then just manually assigning the assignees. If you decide to go this route, I would suggest creating a custom field in the project related to the role you that you can reference this column & mass assign. Please note “reference & mass assign” as you can not filter and expand subtasks.


Thank you for the recommendation. I believe this might be a good solution. I will try and if it doesn’t work I will come back with more questions. :grinning:

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