Lets Talk about Aufgabenvorlagen

Hey everyone,

We have been able to map various processes in our organization using Asana, and we are quite happy with the solution. However, one thing still bothers us:
Is there any solution or workaround to save recurring tasks either in project templates or as task templates? There must be some way to create templates for recurring checks, or similar things as templates.

Have an awesome week everyone :smiley:


OK, I’ll bite - what are these things???

Ohhhh, task templates!

I don’t have any good solution, unfortunately, but you can vote for this capability here:

Others may chime in with workaround ideas…


Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Jannik_Putz!

You could for example try to set something up with custom fields (such as single select) + rule combination that trigger the creation of a new task or subtask which would then kind of operate in a similar way to recurring tasks.
So for example instead of task template the custom field drop-down options serve as the templates. The drop-down consists of the names and every name will trigger a rule that creates a new task, or subtask, etc

Bundles could be of help as well in case of future updates to be made across various projects.

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