Feature Request: Organization-Wide Templates

I’ve been looking for a way to create organization-wide template projects in Asana, but it seems I’m only having success creating templates that can be copied only by people within a specific team. Can Asana add the ability to create templates accessible by the entire organization, instead of just those within a specific team?


I would love this feature as well!

me too!

Just came here from this thread Introducing templates, for Tasks! - #12 by Phil_Seeman and this feature request seems to get not as much attention as deserved.

When working with client projects this is such a powerful feature.

Some background information about our situation

We run a marketing agency, each client has it’s own Asana project.

Each client has different combination of tasks, yet for many clients the same task descriptions apply. For example, we have a standard checklist for creating a blog, or a landing page.

Many clients have the same task, yet it only happens once. So it makes no sense to create a template within the client project.

We would like to improve our workflows by enhancing template tasks over time. So when updating a template this week, we would like to enjoy that improved task template next week in a different project.

Hope this helps to understand the power of Organisation-Wide Templates.

Is it possible to create task templates on a Team level? I’m only aware of creating templates on the project level.

Hey @Thomas_van_der_Woude task templates are project wide not on organization/team level atm. You might want to upvote here

Any updates on this? I would also love this feature! I saw the Templates 2.0 update which is cool but wondering if we can do templates across an organization (for all teams to access via a central location even if I am not on other teams under that same org) instead of just having access to templates created under or by my team?

Me too. It’s actually very important for large organizations.

These org-wide templates would be custom templates but would be used exactly like the current Asana curated templates. The template creator would select a privacy option to the effect of “All in organization can use.”

Nice to have:

  1. Categories
  2. Direct link to the template to make a copy. This would make it very simple to direct people to a particular template without providing help navigating Asana.

Use case 1: our central HR department wants to make a “Hiring Manager’s Recruitment Checklist” for managers to copy each time they recruit new staff.

Use case 2: The PMO would like to create a sample project plan that includes organization-specific steps that have to be taken for each project.

Use case 3: The Events Office would like to offer a template for a project listing all the steps you have to go through to get an event approved. (building, audio/visual setup, police notification, parking services, etc.)


We definitely need the ability to have both Project and Task templates to be organization wide.
Why can’t we have this ability to add them to a Organization Library of some kind, or even a subset of the Asana Curated templates?

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