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In our company, we use the projects function as a way to track individual customer projects under different sections. We also utilize custom templates to create projects. However, once one project is created under that template, it is not possible to import that template into the another section. I have to copy and paste all the tasks from the first section, and the assignees, dates, tags, priorities, etc all do not follow. I have to go one by one and customize the pasted tasks in the new section. Is there a way to import custom templates into individual sections? If there is, please reach out let me know as this is of utmost importance to my organization.

Hi @Mike_Tammaro not sure I understand the request 100% but let me take a swipe.

If you create a project from template, then use the multi-homing function to move the tasks, would that resolve?

  1. multi-select tasks from the project created from the template
  2. click the clipboard icon to multi-home, but then X the template

This will move the tasks to the new project leaving an empty project you can delete.


Hi, thanks for this response. I am looking at importing a project template into a new section within a
current project. So Section 1 has my custom template…then I want to create Section 2 with the same template. The only solution so far is to simply copy and paste tasks which is monotonous and does not capture all details.

Thanks in advance

@Mike_Tammaro if my above response didn’t cover it, then perhaps you need to create task templates as a base on all your project templates so eventually they will become available on all new projects.

I wonder if an Asana Portfolio would get you what you want. A portfolio can hold multiple projects each of which can be organized into different sections.

In your use case, you could use a template to create new projects, then add those projects to your portfolio for a high-level view of timelines/workload/calendar.

Thank you for the reply. I understand the functions of portfolios and unfortunately it does not solve my problem. The only way I found a way around my issue is to create a duplicate of the project and move the duplicate section into my original project. Very monotonous and time consuming.


Here are a couple of different ideas that might help, though still somewhat manual. Read closely because there at two different solutions presented here:

Hope one might help,


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