Multi-select and copy tasks to another project (using modifier key)

It seems like everyone has the same problem, they want to mass select tasks that already have information set on them, and copy them to a new project. Since you can drag these tasks from one project to another (performing a MOVE function), if Asana can just add a modifier key (option, command, ?) that would allow us to COPY instead of move. Microsoft Outlook has a similar feature, you can drag an meeting from one day/time to another day/time. But if you hold down a modifier key (I think option), it will create a copy instead of just moving it.

I have tried every way conceivable for copying multiple tasks into projects. Templates only work if the project can be fully templated. But our projects have 5 different teams all working on the same project, and all require different workflows. It’s easy to setup, but I just can’t come up with a way to mass copy/paste tasks while retaining custom field and subtask information.

The best method so far I have found is:

  1. Create a template of “parent tasks”… for me I call these the deliverables
  2. Each parent task has it’s own workflow of subtasks, and those subtasks may have subtasks as well.
  3. Copy the parent task
  4. Change the project associated with the parent task to the new project.
  5. Go to the new project and change the name of the parent task to reflect what you want.
  6. Promote the subtasks to the task list
    6a. option 1 is to use the search to identify all the subtasks in that new project (assuming you have enough metadata in the custom fields to isolate these tasks), and then add these subtasks using the “add to project” function.
    6b. option 2 is to just grab all the subtasks and drag them to the task list. But this means they cannot easily return to the subtask area (you have to move them one-by-one if you want to put them back at any point)

That’s just too many steps to do something that should just be a copy/paste using a modifier key (dragging and dropping) or using a “copy all tasks” and allowing us to select the current or different project for the pasting of the tasks.

Sorry for the long rambling post… but this current system seems super inefficient.