I have tasks in project A - I want to also now add them to a new project-How?

Ok so I have project - call it project A with lots of tasks - I now wnat to add them all to a new project called B - whats the easiest and quickest way without adding task by task

If I do this and I add all my projects to the same My tasks projects they;ll all then be displayed in the one calendar??

or am i seeing this wrong

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Hi @stuart_brown,

This is a great question. Do your projects follow an outline where the same tasks are used over and over? Because if so, creating a template would automate your project creation quickly and efficiently! You could create Project A in your example using a custom template, then create a whole new project using the same template without their information crossing over. I have attached the Asana instructions on how to use custom templates for your convenience. Please reach out if there is more you are looking for!

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thank you

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