Adding A new task template into a project

We are financial planning firm and we are using asana for our workflow , which we find quite fantastic .

We have created a new project for all our ongoing clients and within this project, there are several templates in the drop-down, which relate to different workflows that a client can have, depending on what services we are providing them. However, we have encountered an issue where if we add another Service and we then add that to the ongoing service template and we then want to select this task templat for an existing ongoing service client project it won’t show as an option. Can anyone assist with this?

Basically we want to run one ongoing service project for every one of our clients. However if we add New task templates in the master one, we want that to be able to be available for the existing ongoing service projects for every client who as one. Is this possible or what are the options to overcome this? Each client has its own portfolio

I look forward to some help with this because we are stuck

Hi @Nat12 , if you are on an Enterprise tier, you can leverage the Bundles feature which will allow you to easily manage task templates across numerous projects (as well as custom fields, rules and sections to drive consistency and standardization). You can read more about Enterprise, here.

If you aren’t on Enterprise, then you could have all your Task templates in just the master project which can be used to create all tasks. Then you could multi-home the newly created tasks into the relevant client projects (add task to more than one project, or move them from one to the other). i.e. do not create any tasks in the ongoing service client projects (which would not include any task templates).

If you require any on-demand online support, feel free to DM me.

Thanks Richard. I have looked up bundles in enterprise does anyone know the pricing on enterprise

Hi @Nat12 , I’ll DM you because pricing of Enterprise cannot be made pubic.


In addition to @Richard_Sather’s great reply, should you want to do this without upgrading to Enterprise (which is the best option if you can swing it), here are some other workarounds:



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