Save project tasks as templates

Hi, I would like to be able to save project components as templates. We are an online marketing agency and we have all our clients set up as separate projects in Asana. When we sign a new client, we create a new client based on a template. That works great. However, it often happens that we have an upsell for such a client. For this, we often need to add the same tasks to a project, but it would be really nice if the upsell components could somehow be saved as templates, so that I can easily add them to existing projects.

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Hi @Michiel_Verweij , welcome to the forum :wave:

This is currently possible on any paid plan, by converting any task into a template, as per below:

Or you can create Task templates from the Customize menu. You can read more about task templates here:

In order to manage Task templates in multiple projects you can use Bundles, which are available on the Enterprise tiers.