Create Task from a Template with Chrome Extension

I was trying out the new Asana Google Chrome Extension only to discover that it can’t create tasks from templates.

This extension isn’t very useful to our team without this specific capability, as we make almost all of our Asana tasks using templates (that contain dozens of subtasks). Hoping that others in the community would benefit from this feature, too!

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Love this idea! Don’t forget to vote for it yourself :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I forgot that was allowed! :joy:

Since task templates currently live in projects, the feature would be constrained that way, so it might make it less likely to be implemented so long as that’s the case.

Thus, it might be helpful to this request to also vote for this popular request:



Thanks for the feedback @Maura_W, I’ve gone ahead and shared this feedback with our team :slight_smile:

@lpb, I’m unmarking the solution you provided here, as it’s not a workaround (although a very valid point!)