[New] Instantiate a task from a template over the API!


Today we’re announcing the ability to fetch Task templates and instantiate tasks from a template over the API! Task templates make it easy to standardize tasks in your project and create repeatable workflows.

With these new API endpoints, you’ll be able to create an experience outside of Asana where a user selects from a list of available templates and creates a task using that template!

Here’s what we’ve added:

Get the full details for each endpoint in our documentation.

Special considerations

Notably, task templates need to be created in the Asana web app before they can be leveraged using these endpoints. We intend to release additional endpoints to create task templates over the API, but we don’t yet have a timeline for that release.

Questions & feedback

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about this release. We know many of you have been anticipating this, so excited to see what you’ll build!


Asana API Team


Wow. Game changer. Can’t wait to start using this. Been waiting a while. :slight_smile:

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Hi @John_Baldo,

Great news!

In addition to that functionality, I’d also like to request a created_from_template field to be added to the task object, analogous to that existing field on the project object - so that we could tell programmatically if a given task was created from a task template, and which one. Thanks!