Duplicate "Team" (multiple inter-dependent projects)

We group multiple projects under a team. I have made “template” versions of our standard projects and saved these under a team named “template team”.
Currently I can “use template” any ONE of these projects to a new team that is spun up. But I do not see a way to just dup the whole “template team” and its multiple projects. This would save me boatloads of time as we spin up standard teams with projects frequently, and these projects have task interdependencies.

Any guidance on this?


That would be very handy as well as I’m needing to do the same thing.


We need this function as well, has this been discussed or added yet? Would love the ability to do this quickly. We have multiple teams that will need the same projects in each, if we could duplicate the entire team and simply change the team name this would save us hours of time.


+1 on this or something similar. I manage global marketing campaigns which are each made up of 6 separate projects all with interlinked task dependencies and multi-homed milestones.

Having a scalable and easy way to duplicate this project web either as a team or a portfolio would save us many hours.


This would save me so much time and effort.

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Not being able to duplicate teams, portfolios or disable those annoying pop ups is what has stopped me upgrading to a paid plan. These things have been requested by so many people and over a long period of time. Why do Asana not listen and do something about these basic functionalities?