Duplicating Project to include Portfolios

Up until about a week ago, I am sure when duplicating a project, it also included the Portfolios it was part of but it doesn’t seem to be doing so now and I’ve just built an entire process around this. Am I missing something? Is there a particular route to follow to ensure the Portfolios a project is added to also transfer to the duplicate?

For reference, I can’t use the Template Project as it doesn’t have the Custom Tabs I need on the Project, so we have opted to use a Duplicate Project.

Hi @Amy_Cookson . i did a quick test and it looks like you are right. Duplicated projects don’t seem to roll into the Portfolio they lived in originally. Perhaps that was a past functionality. I don’t know.

I don’t think there’s a way to automatically pull those duplicates into the Portfolio, at least that I can tell. I think the goal has been for people to slowly pull away from duplicating projects for project templates - but as you stated, there are limitations there still too.

I’m hopeful Asana will roll out custom tabs in project templates in the future!


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