Connect Teams to New Projects


Currently we have a form attached to a project that’s under s specific team ( I’ll call this team A). The form in Asana runs so that we have the form generated projects automatically added to portfolios based on the answer to a single select question, we did this by creating custom fields and using rules. Ideally I would to do something similar in order to assign the projects to the correct team.

Our form is within Asana and is connected to a project that’s under team A. Every single submission to the form comes in as a task and then automatically converted to a project and added to team A as a default. I would rather have an option on the form that can determine which team the project is for. Is this possible?

Welcome, @Gabby_Pearce,

This isn’t possible natively in Asana. If you’d like to request this and vote for the feature, add a new topic in Product Feedback asking, perhaps, for the ability to set the team as part of the Convert task to project rule.



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