Microsoft Teams & ASANA: Adding Project Sections & Custom Fields from within TEAMS

Hi everyone,

The new integration between Microsoft TEAMS and ASANA is very much welcomed! I like the interface and how each task appears as an action card. Once thing I feel this integration has fell short of is the full integration while creating a new task into a project.

I am unable to select the project section, nor am I able to edit custom fields before I press ‘create’.

From a productivity stand point, this means that agfter I create a task, I have to go to the Asana web, open the task, update the custom fields, and move the task to its relevant section.

Anyone else working with this enhanced integration?

Thank you so much for sharing this feedback @Rashad_Issa :raised_hands:

We’re excited to be launching the new Microsoft Teams integration and we love hearing what you think! I’ve gone ahead and made a note of your feedback for our Product Team so that they can take it into consideration as final touches and tweaks are made.

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I agree. If you have section headers, you also cannot slot them in from Teams, so I have to create the task in Teams, but go into Asana to put it in the right category. I’m guessing everyone will have to do this depending on how detailed your projects are with custom tabs.

It would also be great to be able to search by the person within Asana so that you don’t accidentally assign something that has already been assigned. My fear is that two people will try to make the same Teams comment into a task. However, it’s so new that we haven’t run into that yet.

No matter what, I’m absolutely THRILLED at this new integration and am so pleased that I only have nit-picky comments. :slight_smile: That means the initial integration is off to a great start!