Sections not showing on Microsoft Teams integration

I’m using the microsoft teams integration but when i look at the project in Teams, it shows the sections as tasks, so there’s no organisation.

Example here, ‘out of sow’ is a section, not a task

The section underlying data model is being changed, and maybe the Microsoft Teams integration is not up-to-date. @Joe_Trollo any idea?

It’s very difficult to work with now, it’s just a big list of unordered tasks.

I know that the Teams integration is owned by Microsoft; Asana doesn’t have access to it to update it. I believe that Asana people were trying to get Microsoft to make some updates to it, but I have no idea what the status of those efforts is.

Hi @Dan_Thomas ,

Thanks for raising this. As @Bastien_Siebman suggested, this is indeed due to underlying changes in how we represent sections in Asana. The MSFT Teams integration displays sections based on whether the task ends in a colon which is old behavior.

Our team is currently working on upgrading the Asana tab in MSFT teams to render sections correctly and support list views of board projects.


Workaround- Based on @TonyC and @Phil_Seeman’s discoveries, it looks like if we go back into Asana and add a “colon” to the section, MS Teams will then re-group the tasks into sections when the tab is refreshed.