Add Ability to View Task Description in Microsoft Teams Integration



Question: is the integration with Microsoft Teams still being developed?

The Teams integration was just referenced in a blog post a few days ago (Feb. 22, 2018) so, while I’m assuming it is still being developed, I ask the question because I don’t recall seeing any changes / additions / improvements to this integration since it first ‘officially’ launched about a year ago. (I could be wrong about that, though.)

Notably-absent is the ability to view the details/description for a task from within a project that’s been added to a channel in Teams. Clicking on a task just launches that task in the browser — which I would venture to guess is not a behavior anyone would immediately expect in that scenario.

I realize it’s a slippery slope for 3rd-party integrations. Specifically: if you un-ceasingly build out the integration itself, you’ll find yourself re-building the whole app (e.g., Asana) from within the 3rd-party application (e.g., Microsoft Teams). No point in doing that.

That said, I feel like viewing the details of a task represents basic/core functionality — which can already be seen in other Teams integrations from similar services such as Wrike or Trello (to name a couple of examples).

One of the ways in which I would be looking to use Asana projects within ‘channels’ in Teams would be to discuss a project agenda with colleagues — and not being able to see details for any tasks in the project puts a significant limit on the ability to finish that conversation without jumping around in different windows.

Thanks, all!