Anyone try the Asana & Microsoft Teams integration?

I can’t test this myself, but I’m curious to hear how this integration works. Anyone here use Teams been able to try this integration?


@atrain101 I haven’t personally used the integration, but I recommend that you take a look at this recent Asana Blog post on how the integration works. Helpful screenshots included :slight_smile:

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I tryed this weekend but the connector can’t finish the processus and stay on “Connexion in progress”.

Sorry to hear the connector couldn’t finish the process. I recommend that you reach out to Microsoft Teams support directly and hopefully they’ll be able to help you resolve the issue. Microsoft Teams help & learning

I tried this. Unfortunately I have to say I’m not that impressed. You can pull in an Asana project list into a Microsoft Teams tab, but that’s pretty much it.

After you have setup your new tab showing tasks from a specific project, you can only:

  • add new tasks to list (you can supply the task title, nothing else)
  • toggle done for a task
  • click on a task, at which point you’ll get redirected to a new browser tab, where Asana loads the task as it would normally do it you clicked the task row from within a list project

What I miss for the integration to be more useful inside Teams is at least some of these things:

  • showing the details pane when you click on a task, so you see the task details and comments
  • allow to add comments (including adding collaborators)
  • show custom fields in the list, currently only the task title show (and no projects or tags either)

As the integration currently stands, I’d say its most useful if you want a read only view of specific task lists inside a Team. I still think its useful to get a sense of a list’s state.


Thanks for the thorough feedback, @Joel_h. I haven’t used that yet but I was curious what others’ experiences have been.

Does the Asana integration work in the Microsoft Teams desktop app? I’m having trouble loading on desktop application, but not on the web application

I agree - it’d be great to have these features!

Hi Eric, I realize you’re post is old but I’m wondering if you ever resolved your issue. I am using Asana with Microsoft Teams and noticed a project can’t be added to Teams if it’s setup as a board. If anyone has information on when Asana may support boards in Microsoft Teams, I am interested in hearing more.


I am interested in the same thing!

Just connected teams to Asana, would also very much like to see projects that are set up as boards integrate to Teams.

I’m also trying since a few weeks to connect Asana and Teams, another post is opened on that too:

I’m really interested in your feedback on how you use Teams and Asana in parallel :wink:

Is there any news on this topic? More than one year later and still experiencing the same issues with the Asana integration.


It’s really frustrating that the integration with teams has not changed in 3 years since this post. The functionality is severely lacking, and what is the point of the integration if it just opens it in a browser?


I am curious as to how this works with team mates that aren’t on Asana? Can they see it? Can they interact with it? If they do, will it ask them to make an account and be added to that Divisions account?