Asana not working in Microsoft Teams

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Trying to integrate the free Asana version with Microsoft Teams and whenever I go to select a project from Asana in Teams the save button stays grayed out so I can never complete the selection and at it to the Channel in Teams.

Steps to reproduce: Go to Teams channel, click the +, choose Asana, log in, try to choose project, select project, will not allow you to save.

Browser version: Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Frankie_Pinckard, and apologies for the trouble here!

Could you confirm if this happening with any project you try to select?

Have you already tried to reinstall the Connector to see if it fixes the issue? I look forward to your reply!

Yes, any project, and yes I tried to reinstall multiple times both on the online web app and the desktop app.

Hi @Frankie_Pinckard and thanks for your patience.

Our Team believe you might be part of an experiment they’re running which is causing this issue. They’ve confirmed a fix should be push by end of this week, so hopefully this should be resolved soon!

Moving this to #bugs:resolved-bugs for now, but please let us know if the issue persists by the start of next week!

We got the exact same issue. Any update??

No, the issue still persists.

Unfortunately, the issue still persists despite being told it would be fixed by this week.

Ok, do you have any estimate or update in when this will be fixed? Trying to show asana for potential customer but they will never go forward when this does not work as they work in MS Teams

Hi @Frankie_Pinckard and @Mikael_Lundgren :wave:t3: and so sorry for the trouble here.

Can you confirm you’re experiencing the same issue as described in the first post of this thread?

I’ve requested an update from our Team and will be in touch as soon as they get back to me!

Yes still same issue…

Is the project you are trying to connect to in Board mode?

Same issue here - for projects in Board-Mode only.

Hi @Felix_Schwabedal_FSc and @Dawn_Seymour! Our Team is currently working on making Boards project compatible with Microsoft Team; more info in this post :point_right:

This article is talking about Sections in Asana, not Boards. They are two different things. I don’t have any trouble with sections showing…not sure if I put colons in after the name or not, but they work for me. However, I still can’t get a project in Asana that I set up in Boards mode instead of List mode to sync up with Microsoft Teams. Can you give a status report on when this functionality will be working?

Apologies for the confusion @Dawn_Seymour; I can confirm our team is working on making Boards compatible with Microsoft Teams, I’ll make sure to post an update here as soon as it’s rolled out!

Hi folks :wave:t3:

Just a quick word to confirm our team released an update late last week to support the ability of adding board projects to MSFT Teams so this issue should now be resolved :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions. Have a great Monday!