Asana release Notes June 2020

Hi folks :wave:t3:

Here are our latest release notes, fresh off the press:

  • Microsoft Teams Integration With the Asana for Microsoft Teams integration, you can add Asana projects to your group chats and start turning conversations into actionable work all in one place. Start using the integration
  • Right click menu The right click menu allows you to take common actions on tasks from any project view, saving you time and keeping you in flow.
  • Appreciations Adding appreciations to comments helps your team you connect, celebrate wins, and bring a little extra joy to your workday.
  • Forms duplicate with projects When duplicating a project, you now have the option to include the project’s associated form. Submissions to the new form will land in the duplicated project.
  • Editable status updates Just like conversations and task comments, you can now edit status updates after publishing.
  • Grouped comments Task comments may now include a block of text and one or more attachments grouped together. Learn how

You can also catch up with our latest news by watching @Carla_Bagdonas’s recap video below :point_down:

And as usual, let us know in the comments below if you have any questions! You can also log your feedback in #productfeedback!

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