Need Help creating a form that sends requests to different projects


My workplace has recently assigned me with optimizing our Asana usage. One of the key areas I’m currently having trouble with is the “Forms”. A quick explanation of what I’m doing/attempting to do:
Our Team has 3 branches associated with it they are; Design, New Business, and Communications. One of the main items I must accomplish is standardizing the intake process and making it more streamline for our team.
I am currently at the stage where I have created a “Forms” Project.
Within this Project I have 1 single form set up. Within the form there are currently 3 Main dropdown questions asking if the submitter requires the New Business, Design, or Comms form. These are all yes or no and make it so that after the form is submitted Asana can automatically place it into the correct Team Project.
Within the Forms Project I’ve created some rules to automatically route the form entry into the desired team (Rule goes as followed: When new task added to “Forms” Project AND “Design is required” (Form question that is assigned to a custom field) is answered “YES” THEN the Task is moved to the “Design Team” Project). I have 2 other rules doing the same thing but routing the task to the New Business Team project and Communications Team Project.
So here’s where my problem begins. After the entry is placed into the Forms Project Asana correctly filters the task into the appropriate teams HOWEVER these tasks are all linked to one another (as in if the task is marked complete in the Design Team Project it is also marked complete in the New Business Team Project when it shouldn’t be). I want to unlink these tasks from each other but I’m not sure if that’s possible or what the fastest method might be.
I’m really not sure how to move forward and would appreciate any help, thank you.
Note: I cannot revert back to each team having a separate form. I need everything to be in one place then get distributed out accordingly.

Hey @Atakan_Demir_CA-TOR. Can you clarify - can someone mark that both design and new business is needed? If that is the case, you will end up with one task living on two boards, which would be why when a task is completed on one board it is also completed on the other. If you are putting the same task in multiple projects there isn’t a way other than creating subtasks or duplicating the task for them to be two separate tasks.

The way you have it set up it would be one task living on two boards in that case. This will involve more manual work at this point as there are no rules to duplicate a task, and rules do not apply to subtasks, so that would be the only workaround I can think of right now.


Hi @Atakan_Demir_CA-TOR, you can also try adding an additional field that triggers a rule to automatically move the task from one project to another so it lives only in one project:

I also recommend you checking this tip from @Phil_SeemanHow to have multiple forms for one project


Thank you all very much for your help, I really appreciate it. @Emily_Roman, I created that extra field and will be using it as a quick means to transfer the tasks over after duplicating. @Kelly_Mooney for our use case yes, sometimes a New Business request will also require the design team.

For anyone in the same boat, right now I have included 3 new dropdown fields into the “Forms” Project. These fields are titled:

  • Move to New Business
  • Move to Design
  • Move to Comms

Each dropdown field only has one selection option which is “Ready to Move”, I still have the other fields indicating what needs to go where. I now utilize the “Forms” Project as a “triaging” section. In this project I manually duplicated the task when it comes in then to send the task to the appropriate team I just change the field to “Ready” so that my rules execute and place the correct task in the correct team/section.