FORMS - Dual-home from form (pick current Asana project)

Allow a field to be added to the form that is tied to a project, think of this as dual-homing the task. So main form submission goes into the project that it was built in. But if you had a field that was tied to the projects in Asana, I could accomplish 2 things. 1. I typically need the main project the request is for, in order to know where I have to put my teams tasks in. This works fine with just a text field, but if it was expanded to search the Asana projects, it would work for a 2nd reason. 2. dual-homing the project.

So now I have the request in the main project which for me is a “requests” project. But it can also then live in the campaign project that the request was for… and what’s great about this, it’s setup on the front end, so it doesn’t require me to go in an dual-home it later.