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My team uses several forms to add requests for creative, copywriting, items to be sent out to third parties, etc., and we were wondering if the creation of a “Service Desk” hub was possible instead of having several subtask forms under one task.

Ultimately, we’d like it to look a lot like our internal IT HelpDesk (identifiers blurred/hidden) shown below:

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Is something like this possible?


If you have forms in Asana, you can do two things.

Create one form with options which put the task in one project. If you can create the target department as a drop-down, then you can use Asana Rules to put the task in the right project.

Also you can create multiple projects and forms for each request / department. You can get the Form link and create a Help Desk like the one shown above. You cannot create it with Asana, you can only add the links to the right form. You cannot embed the form yet.

A third option which we use is

  • we have multiple projects with forms
  • we have one project which we call “submission points”
  • each submission point is a task - has a short description and the link to the relevant form is pasted there

Hi @Greg_Boose, thanks for reaching out!

Adding to what @IvanStaykov mentioned, we have a great article in the Use Cases section of the Asana Guide with more information and all the steps to achive this: Use Cases: IT helpdesk.

Since we’ve launched some updates for Forms recently. I also suggest you to have a look at this announcement in the forum:

I hope this helps!

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Everything @IvanStaykov said is on point! :muscle::heart_eyes:
Forms are really a game-changer if used properly.

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