One form per project, but multiple assignees


What I am trying to accomplish -
We currently have one form for when a new project is sold in and this form allows the person filling it out to select a Media Planner and/or a Creative Strategist from a drop-down menu. A project can have either a Media Planner or Creative Strategist OR it can have both, so three different scenarios. It’s currently setup so that when the form is submitted it generates a task and will automatically assign the task to the Media Planner and then automatically move the task to the column associated with the specific planner. We want to automate it so it will work for all three scenarios, but as it stands it only works in instances where the project only needs a Media Planner.

Solutions I have been exploring -

  • Auto-duplicate a second task: From what I have seen this is not possible and even if it did we would end up with duplicated tasks that then don’t have a Media Planner or Creative Strategist to be assigned to when there is just one needed.
  • Two Tasks from One Form: Not possible and would need to be triggered by a question within the form, which right now isn’t a functionality of the forms in any capacity it seems.
  • Auto-assign Subtasks: Again, not seeing that this is possible, but if it were I believe I could set up the rules to move it through a work flow automatically as subtasks were completed.
  • Auto-assign Collaborators: Can you at least auto-assign collaborators from who is selected on the form?

Before I keep going down these rabbit holes, I just wanted to see if anyone had a solution on deck that they can share with me or if I can get some insight in which rabbit hole I should go down ha.


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What type of custom field is this?
Did you map the custom field to the field in the project?
Because I am thinking how about having this as either single- or multi-select field (based on how it is set up the rules will have to be tweaked).
Then for tasks created depending on the selection in the custom field subtasks can be added and assigned also for example.
Or even separate tasks if that is required.
So for example: Trigger is for all tasks created via a form submission, Custom field selection is only Media Planner so the task is directly assigned. If more steps are needed just add the subtasks.
Or in case a coordinator is involved then the main task is assigned to him/her and only the subtask to the media planner.

It is possible via rules to create another task. Now duplicating a task is not possible. So adding subtasks would be better because then any info showing via a custom field is visible in the subtasks as well (just click on „show inherited fields“)

As per above that works when you set up rules which trigger depending on a selection in a custom field for example.

As per the above yes.

For more info on rules see Using Rules in Asana • Asana Product Guide
Using Rules in Asana • Asana Product Guide

Not sure if that answers all your questions? Otherwise feel free to respond with further details :slight_smile: