Multiple Assignee's to one task possible?

I have created a task that requires multiple assignees. I have a custom field that has “Assigned To” whereby I can enter multiple people, but these tasks don’t show up on their Task list. My specific situation is that my guest experience team has programs that they receive - once received, one of the team members clicks “complete”. Since I don’t know who will be working on the day that the program gets delivered how do I assign this task to just one person - when it can be any of those team members who receives the program? If they are collaborators, can they also complete the task?

Hi Aiden and thanks for your question,

You might want to consider using subtasks to assign a task to multiple assignees (one subtask per assignee, and the task can remain with or without assignee); the subtask will appear in their My Task.

More info : How to Use Asana subtasks | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Yes, as soon as they have editing rights on the project, any user can complete a task (and the system will register the action with a system message in the task comments, meaning the information is not lost).

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Thank you Arthur for your quick reply - I don’t really want to give these folks complete editing rights on a project - and I’m just thinking about the multiple subtasks. I have hundreds of projects (which are tasks within a major project), so it would mean making hundreds of subtasks for each of these tasks (whew!). (These are already in Asana, so it’s not a template situation). Also, it would mean that if one person completes the subtask, I would have to go in and complete the rest of their subtasks. Hmmm - maybe it is easier to make them all editors - and then not assign the task at all - but then they won’t see it under “My Tasks”. Do you think Asana might consider a feature enhancement? I’m sure I’m not the only one with this conundrum.

Asana doesn’t do multiple assignees. It’s a philosophy thing (that I agree with) so I don’t see that changing.

There’s usually two types of things that I see happening when people want this:

  1. They want tasks to go into a pool that anyone can choose to do and complete
  2. They have a task that everyone needs to do.

The second is easy, and handled natively (I assign things to a team or the entire staff and boom–individual tasks are made).

The first, which I’m guessing is what you’re maybe needing, I recommend that these items are multi-homed into an “Unassigned Tasks” project and each individual gets a daily task to add themselves to one or more of the “Unassigned Tasks” project.

If you have something different, then it’s not quite clear exactly what your workflow is.

Thank you Heather.

I resolved it by using their “group” email, so the task is assigned to their group.

What I didn’t want is a bunch of tasks that go incomplete because only one person completed the task - or I have to go in behind them and complete these “other” tasks.

In my particular situation - anyone of the team members could be working the day that the programs get delivered to the box office - so they have to know that they all have a task to complete, which is receipt of the programs (that can show up on a “my tasks” list). (Also, I have to know that they received the programs). So they’re not necessarily “choosing” to do the task - I just don’t know who will be there doing the task.

I guess I could try the “team” route - but how do I add a subtask to a different team? I’m assuming that I would have to convert the subtask to a project and add it that way?

Regardless - luckily they have a group email.

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See this post to further discuss and vote for this capability: