Assigning multiple people to a task with a collaborator

I am trying to find the most efficient way to assign a task to multiple people with a collaborator on all tasks. The only way I’ve figured out how to do this is very manual, by creating a parent task and then duplicate the subtasks with the collaborator, then assigning to each individual.

I’d love to be able to create one task, assign to multiple people, and have the collaborators in each one but it doesn’t seem like Asana can do that, yet. Any other suggestions or workarounds?


Hi @Hannah_K_Trippett - you can definitely do this.

  1. Create a parent task as the “holder task” to contain all the duplicate subtasks
  2. Build ONE subtask completely they way you want it to be, with the appropriate collabs, the description, attachments, etc. You’ll need to “open” the subtask to add all the details (by clicking on the arrow on the right side of the subtask)
  3. Then, while INSIDE the subtask, click on Assignee, and click “Assign to Multiple People”. You can select multiple individuals or enter the name of a team to automatically create a copy for every member of that team.

This will create multiple copies of your subtask, one assigned to each person you selected, with the descriptions, attachments, collaborators etc copied to each subtask.

Hope that helps!