Various points related to Form creating task, Rules to create approval subtasks and variable assignment/collaborators

We are wanting to use an (organisation only) form to initiate the creation of a task and setup approval process. Previously we used a Zoho form which I have largely replicated in Asana, and am now trying to automate the process as much as possible and iron out the wrinkles.

I have searched the forum and got as far as I can, these are the outstanding things which, as far as I can see, aren’t possible?

  1. Automated allocation of variable collaborators to subtasks, or duplication from main task
    The new task is assigned to the person submitting the form (by a rule), and they are also made a collaborator (under form settings). I then have a rule to create an approval subtask, and use the variable assignee options to also allocate this subtask to the Task Creator. [Ideally this would be to a different person, chosen in the form, but as forms don’t permit use of people fields I don’t think this is possible. It could in theory be done using a custom field in the form and a rule with a branch for each, but there are too many possible people for that to be practical]. Is there any way when the rule creates the approval subtask to automate the addition of variable (i.e. not specifically named in the rule) collaborators as is possible for the assignee, or to copy them from related sources e.g. make assignee of the subtask also a collaborator, make main task assignee a collaborator of the subtask [even less likely!] or duplicate main task collaborators to the subtask?

In some instances a second approval review is required - I have custom field and rule combinations to create and assign an approval subtask when the the first approval is given [because for this one there are only 3 possibilities, so a branched rule is possible to assign to the desired person], but would like to be able to add collaborators to this subtask as above.

  1. Form content submission into Comment rather than Description
    When the form is submitted it creates a new task and all the form responses are included in the task Description. (The form settings have a toggle for this, although it seems to happen even when switched off!) Is there any way to have the form responses go anywhere else instead of Description, e.g. the first comment on the task, or even better have a rule to move it to the description of the approval subtask (created above)? [Some parts of the submission may be lengthy text, so we wouldn’t want them just dropping into custom fields.]

Any help appreciated, included negative confirmations!

Welcome, @Brian_Gooch,

  1. You’re correct, there isn’t a way to do this in Asana as far as I know. @Phil_Seeman, can help here?

  2. Form questions can be connected to custom fields such that the response will be mapped there. The form setting option you mention allows you to exclude these caption/value pairs from the Description, if desired. But I’m afraid those are the only options.



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Not yet :cry:. We’re going to be adding a rule action to set collaborators, but it’s not in there yet.

This one you could do using Flowsana’s Variable Substitution. You can use our “Add a comment” rule action, and in the body of the comment field, use the {task.HTMLDescription} variable:



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